"I have been living in a room where "Rent a Room" rents to me for almost 5.5 years. I was very happy throughtout my residency to this place hence my long term accommodation to my room. "Rent a Room" is definately recommended for every profesional who is looking for a place to stay."
Alexandros (Rented till Dec 2020)


"I had a great stay here. The house is kept clean and my house mates were very pleasant. I would of stayed longer but found something more accommodating for work. Dan is a good landlord and gets thing done straight away."
Sabastien (Rented till Oct 2019)


"House and room in good condition. Landlord responsive."
Antoine (Rented till Sept 2019)


"Best rent a room place available."
Ejike (Rented from Sept 2018 to July 2019)


"I have enjoyed living in the property. Good communication from the landlord. Property was well looked after and regularly maintained. Would recommend to friends and family."
Michael (Rented from Apr 2016 to Oct 2018)


"Dan is a good landlord. He gets all the issues sorted quickly. I had no issues staying here and good experience living here for last 2 years."
Mahesh (Rented from Feb 2017 to Sept 2018)


"The landlords are very good, and respond quickly to any issues that arise."
John (Rented from Jun 2015 to Jan 2018)


"Very nice landlords and room mates. Clean and tidy house. Would recommend highly."
Jason (Rented from May 2016 to Oct 2016)


"Very nice house aways with great tenants. Dan & Sarah are very accommodating & quick to respond to any issues that should arise within the household."
Nathan (Rented from Oct 2015 to Apr 2016)


"The house has been in a very good condition. We always had help fixing if something broke and very responsive to any queries. I am happy with the tenancy and would recommend the landlords."
Bianca (Rented from Feb 2015 to July 2015)


"I had a great 5 month tenancy with Rent a Room. The landlords are friendly and reply to any messages very promptly. I had no problems at all during my stay."
Leanne (Rented from Feb 2015 to July 2015)


"I really enjoyed living in the house so I just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you."
Ike (Rented from Jan 2015 to June 2015)


"I have had a great time living here, the area is surprisingly quiet there is no trouble. The landlords were very welcoming and quick to help whenever they were needed. Great house."
Kevin (Rented from Dec 2014 to May 2015)


"Back in August 2012 I was in a tight spot and needed accommodation very quickly. I found out about Rentaroom-Leicester via another site and was able to move in very quickly indeed. I was a tenant for over 2 years and Rentaroom-Leicester proved to be everything they claim to be.I did have a serious issue once but it was dealt with very speedily and resolved to my complete satisfaction. My only reason for leaving was relocation to another city in the UK. Overall I would thoroughly recommend Rentaroom-Leicester. Their claims are accurate, there was no nasty rent rise for me after the inital agreement and their rent is reasonable.Provided the location is suitable they should be top of your list."
Peter (Rented from Aug 2012 to Sept 2014)


"I've been living here for three months at 74 Vaughan Street. I really enjoyed staying! Landlords are very attentive and they make sure everything is fine all the time."
Claire (Rented from Jan 2014 to Apr 2014)


"A great pleasure to have rented a property from, helpful in every aspect, delivering a great service for a good price."
Liam (Rented from Dec 2011 to Aug 2012)


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